Friday, April 30, 2010

NewSpeak isn't Found Solely on Airstrip One...

but is also setting up a booth at the Shanghai World Expo. Now, as an engineer, I'll be the first to admit that this looks awesome. However, when it comes to the rationale behind it:

The baby’s “mother” is Spanish film director, Isabel Coixet, who picked this theme both because of the passion China and Spain share for children, and as a way of showing that our actions have consequences on our children.[Italics added]

What kind of passion do China and Spain share regarding children? Let's look at the numbers, courtesy of the CIA World Factbook:

Population growth rate: 0.072% (2009 est.)
Country comparison to the world: 193

Birth rate (per 1,000 population): 9.72 (2009 est.)
Country comparison to the world: 198

Population growth rate: 0.655% (2009 est.)
Country comparison to the world: 148

Birth rate (per 1,000 population): 14 (2009 est.)
Country comparison to the world: 151

They certainly do have much in common, thanks especially to recent developments in Spain.

I am not trying to directly compare mandatory sterilizations and abortions with the "pro-choice" position. However, the bottom line is they spring from the same ethos, one that regards humans not as a gift but as an economic burden. Declining birthrates seem to challenge rather than confirm prosperity, however. So, in that light, Spain and China have all too much in common, particularly when it comes to dismissing opposition with Orwellian Double Speak.

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