Monday, March 1, 2010

The Room - Public Screening

I have the good fortune of living three blocks away from Village East Cinemas. A former Yiddish theater, its also known for running mediocre films.

One exception is its monthly screening of Tommy Wiseau's The Room. An independent project shot on a 6 million dollar budget (including advertising), its quality matches Manos, Hands of Fate, a Mystery Science Theater 3000 mainstay made by a fertilizer salesman with $19,000 to burn. Both are incredibly hilarious, and worth a viewing (if you're willing to waste the time).

But back on point, Village East Cinemas is the central hub for Room devotees. Graced with lukewarm acting, stilted dialogue, and a myriad of continuity issues (both in plot and filming), it has developed a whole litany of little traditions much like Rocky Horror.

While I first saw the movie a decade ago [Dec. 31, 2009], I was somehow able to remember enough of it to follow along during the public screening. And I was glad I did-imagine hundreds of people screaming at long since washed up actors while they try to remind you that "Johnny is his best friend" for the 6th time.

Just to whet your appetite (or convince you that this film isn't for you), here's one of the best scenes.

I don't care what they say, I sympathize with Johnny more than any Na'vi...

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