Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here's some baaaaaaad news!

Apparently a good number of Insurance firms will discontinue offering child only insurance because Obamacare mandates they take on children with pre-existing conditions.

I sympathize with families in those straits, but it's the equivalent of selling a full warranty on a confirmed the same price as those responsible enough to have procure the coverage when they bought the vehicle. How many greedy tycoons are lining up to tap this expansive market?

I'm not here to chide families facing these difficult questions, but since when has having the Federal Government tell other people to do the impossible been a "Comprehensive Solution?"

When most people review this part of Obamacare, you'll probably hear little more than "geeee, isn't it great that they're finally getting health insurance?"

Baaaa...ut just because there's a buyer doesn't mean there's a seller. If these companies abandon the market, what have you accomplished? Beyond an equitable and universal absence of child coverage for both the well and the sick, that is.

And by the way, dictating the clearly impossible isn't generosity. Nor does it count as imagination (except in a B-Grade Sci-Fi Dystopia). It's either delusion at its best, or well crafted cynicism at its worst.

At least they might have helped a few people, isn't that worth it? You know, you might be right. Baaaut:

Most poor children with preexisting conditions already qualify for insurance through programs such as Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program. And those who are not poor will be able to apply to new high-risk pools established by the law.

So, there's already a basic solution? What did we spend 18 months crafting...oh. Right.

But what do I know, I'm just a plebeian. I didn't organize communities or go to law school. So I'll go write back to grazing and paying my taxes, like a good citizen.


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